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Jhane Santiguel Holds Mic

These are photos of Jhane Santiguel of Mocha Girls from her hot and sexy stage performance.

KC Santi and The Sunshine Ban from UNO Magazine

Just got this photos form UNO magazine, this photos really reminds me the art of being a human. For me, this kind of photos recognize the freedom of expression for everyone.. but still, it makes me giggle :D

FHM August 2011 Issue - Nina Jose

Latest FHM August 2011 issue - Nina Jose is the new cover girl.


Jahziel Manabat Nipple Slip!

Pinayunderground must check this out!  its Jahziel Manabat Lingerie malfunction at the victory party for FHM sexiest women 2011. Woot woot! enjoy!


Dorina Groh Fully Naked!

Yesterday we posted some photos of Dorina Groh in her photoshoot for FHM 100% Hottie July 2011 Issue. The photos shows stories about victoria's court room. and other topics from FHM July issue. Today, no more stories, no more other topics, its just Dorina Groh in fully naked photos. PinayUnderground Enjoy!


Premiere Vixen Dorina Groh for July FHM 100% Hottie

Premiere Vixen Dorina Groh stripped naked for our July FHM 100% Hottie shoot. Babe spent a lot of time on JFK's chair during the entire ordeal, so do place first dibs on that spot as soon as you book the room. Victoria Court's (room) design direction is to provide a venue where guests can fulfill their private fantasies, which means each room is continuously evolving and must offer a different experience every time.
( This Room available at Victoria Court's Pasig branch)


Angel Locsin in her Most Daring Role

Angel Locsin shows her most daring side in her movie In The Name of Love, which she's paired with Aga Mulach. The movie contains hot scenes which give surprises to all.

RR Enriquez in a Very Wacky Photos

After I've seen this photos, i guess RR Enriquez is my Wildest Dream haha!.These are photos of RR Enriquez with some of her friends in a home party. Enjoy!

Misa Campo from 100 Sexiest Victory Party

The very sexy Misa Campo ramps flawless in her black citru dress, not in nude but still in her very yummy figure. Enjoy!



FHM July 2011 Cover Eula Valdez Autograph Signing

FHM July 2011 Cover Eula Valdez Autograph Signing will be on July 23, 2011 6-8pm at Robinson Movie world Galleria. See you there!

Who is Amanda Colin?

Amanda Coling is the woman who was allegedly gang-raped by four Azkals members. Information about the supposed incident was fed to the media by a certain Paul Weiler, a german national who claims to be a former consultant of the Philippine Football Federation. Amanda Coling had a rather lengthy Showbiz Central interview with Pia Guanio last weekend but she chose not to say anything about the case. Nonetheless, she shared that news about her being raped is already affecting her 'bread and butter' -- she was recently pulled out of a modelling gig (specially in FHM) after the organizers learned about the issue.

Paulene So is the Premier Vixen Queen!

Paulene So proves that she will lead the crowd to a kind of paradie only Vixens can provide. She fires at the FHM sexiest women victory party and ramp like queen. No one can forget this photos.


Krisha Francisco July 2011 Girlfriend of the Month

The FHM July 2011 Girlfriend of the month, Krisha Francisco.

How did we meet?
We met through a common friend, during a night-out.

What were you wearing?
A very sexy dress. I caught your attention through my legs and my chest kasi yun yung mas nilalabas ko. Ha ha! On our first date, I wore a nice top and jeans with cleavage slightly exposed—sweet but sexy so that you’ll fantasize about me until you get home.

Where did we go?
We dined out then went to the movies. It was just the two of us—no friends na kasama so we were able to talk and get to know each other. After watching a movie, we went to a bar and had a little drink.

Did we do it?
You mean sex? No. Sex on the first date is not my thing. I don’t go for one-night-stands. I’m into serious relationships—though not so obvious, ha ha! We must’ve kissed and hugged—pa-sweet lang.

More of this story in or grab a copy in any magazine stores.
Here are some of her Photos

Charmaine Yamamoto is the FHM July Babe of the Month.

A Spanish-Japanese girl, but grown up in the Philippines named Charmaine Yamamoto is the FHM July Babe of the Month.
Cool. How would an artist and a studious girl like you define sexy?
Sexy is beautiful. It’s art. And hindi naman porke’t sinabihan kang sexy, bastos na yun or what. I also think being sexy should come from within. You should exude it. Dapat kahit naka-jeans or shirt ka lang pwede kang maging sexy. But that’s just me, other people might think differently.

And the same goes for men who chase you?
I like tall men. Siyempre maputi rin dapat. My boyfriend is actually Spanish-Chinese—I’m Spanish-Japanese—so minsan singkit mata niya, minsan naman malaki, ha ha!

Here some Photos of her

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